Jamie Siebens Hi, I’m Jamie Siebens, adventurer, dreamer and married mom of two.


In 2017 I launched Always an Adventure, a place to share my passion for intentional living, parenting, and travel on a budget – including gems like how to road trip with a cat, my secret to living well in a small house, and why I really, truly believe that kids need to be bored. I’ve shared how I save money on road trips by bringing along a diy travel kitchen, and dished about my family’s ever evolving journey towards minimalism.

While sharing my ideas on how to simplify your smartphone, and how to do a pre-holiday purge have been fun, lately I’ve been dreaming about turning this blog into a little something more – a cozy space on the internet, where I’d invite you to grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile – a place where you’d be encouraged to pursue life intentionally, gain perspective, and look for (and find!) #beautyintheeveryday.

You see, a lot has changed in my own world since I started writing here. Life majorly happened on all fronts, and as I was swept into the undertow, I gained an incredible amount of perspective on the difference between surviving and thriving. I’ve had to embrace self care in a way that was so much more than pedicures and “me time.” I had to trade in my pursuit of perfection for a life of messy authenticity, and my life has become so much richer for it.

And just like if we were really in the same room sharing coffee and conversation, I want to share all the good stuff with you: the resources that actually helped to banish my mom-guilt when I went back to work, how to survive living in your house during a remodel, our two major cross country moves and what I’d do differently, and what self care really looks like for me these days (and what it looks like for you, too). And so much more.

Thanks so much for stopping by, for pulling up a cozy chair and joining in the discussion. My hope is that you’ll find as much hope and joy in reading as I’ve found in creating this space. Your words and participation mean so much more to me than you’ll ever know.


xoxo ~ Jamie





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