Want More Adventure in Your Life? Do this.


Want to have more adventure in your life? Do this.

Have you ever wished you could have more adventure in your life?

I have too. There have been seasons where my life seemed very adventurous, and seasons where nothing has seemed exciting or exotic, seasons where I desperately needed something good or interesting to happen.

The truth is, adventure is a mindset. It’s not limited to a set of activities, or dependent on your bank balance.

You can actually choose to have more adventure in your life. Right here. Right now.

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Want more adventure in your life? Do this:

Try new things.

Taste new foods. Drive new routes. Head to the store and try on something you would never-in-a-million-years think to wear. Doing this is refreshing, and SO much fun!  You might not love everything, but you’ll be practicing a life of adventure. And when you DO take that trip to Italy you’ve been dreaming about, you’ll be so much more comfortable outside of your comfort zone. And on that note,

Meet new people. 

Those who know me well, know that I’ve had to push myself FAR out of my comfort zone to do this. But it has been so worth it. If you only connect with people you already know and are comfortable with, you are missing out. People are fascinating, and you’ll soon find that there are incredible things to be learned from each and every one of them. Be the one that smiles and starts the conversation. (If that’s absolutely terrifying to you, I highly recommend this book. )

Kick limiting thoughts to the curb.

Limiting thoughts – we all have them. Some have been passed down to us, like the adult in my life who told me “you’ll never be a runner, you’re just not built for that.” (I believed that for such a long time, sadly.) And some we’ve picked up on our own. “I’m just not good at math.” — Anyone? But any thoughts that limit us in an unhealthy way are adventure killers. Kick these  dream squashers to the curb, and push yourself to actually experience your own limitations — I bet you’ll have to go a lot farther than you think.

So, what are YOU going to do in order to have more adventure in your life? Please share in the comments. I’m trying a new fitness class this week, and totally intimidated. I’m going to do it anyway. Wish me luck! 

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