Our Schoolhouse Reno: Framing

Four months ago we moved out of our fixer-upper and into a 24′ camper so that we could gut our house (a former 1895 one-room-schoolhouse and town hall turned home) from the rafters to the crawlspace.

In my previous post, I shared photos of our demolition process. Today I’m sharing the transformation from a cavernous empty space to framed up rooms.

In real life, the demolition and framing timelines overlap.

Ed framed in the center load-bearing wall, new windows, and the bumped-in kitchen wall before we had fully torn out the subfloor. You’ll see this in some of the photos. We also stopped framing for a while so that we could button up the exterior before winter – so we didn’t fully finish framing until mid-September.

Once again, I’ll let the pictures tell the story. Enjoy!

The most significant thing about this part of the reno is that we took our house from two bedrooms/one bathroom to four bedrooms/two bathrooms, and we nearly doubled the square footage.

We also hired a contractor to finish spray-foam insulating the rest of the house. It worked out to the same price per linear foot as the DIY version, with a better quality product – and most importantly we didn’t have to do it! You can see the finished ceiling in the last photo.

That’s it for now.

Thanks so much for following along with our Schoolhouse Reno!

Want to see the transformation? Here’s the rest of the series:

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