Our Schoolhouse Reno: Siding

It’s been so much fun sharing our Schoolhouse Renovation project.

So far, we’ve covered Demolition and Framing, and today I’m sharing pictures of my FAVORITE part of the project so far: siding!

When we bought the house in September of 2018, the previous owners had started a siding project but never finished it, and they left us with boxes of brand new tan siding so that we could finish. And that was our original plan – in fact, that fall we completely re-sided the front of the house.

Our first reno of the front. November 2018

But I honestly was never happy with the color or quality of that siding, and once I realized that we would have to tear off the existing siding, cut in windows, and then re-install it, I started lobbying hard for new siding.

I couldn’t imagine going to all of that work to re-install a product that I absolutely hated.

After much discussion, including my (strangely prophetic) declaration that I’d “be willing to live without kitchen cabinets for a while” in order to fit the new siding into our (tight) budget, Ed finally agreed to go with new siding.

Then I promptly fell in love with vinyl board-and-batten siding, which is nearly double the cost of the vinyl lap siding we had been looking at.

Me: “If we have to, I guess we can wait on flooring too.” #priorities

Things I love about the following pictures:

  • You can see the outline of the original 4 tall windows on the long sides of the house — total one-room-schoolhouse vibes!
  • Shiplap!!! <3
  • All the windows we put in ~ swoon.

As you can see, we pulled some late nights working on the siding.

The thicker board-and-batten style vinyl siding could only be installed at temps of 58° F or higher, any lower and it was too stiff to maneuver into position and it would crack and chip when we had to cut it. With cooler temps upon us, we were in a race against time, and we literally finished on the last warm-enough day!

Isn’t she pretty?

You may have noticed that we took off the little enclosed porch we had added last fall. There were some underlying issues with the cement slab causing rainwater to pool inside the porch, and it ended up being smaller than what we needed. We now have the framework in place for a larger, lean-to style porch which we’ll hopefully install next summer.

Just as a reminder – here’s what the house looked like the day we bought it, after adding the porch last fall, and a current “after.”

That’s it for the exterior! Next up, I’ll be sharing our current digs. (Notice there’s no camper in the final pic?)

Thanks so much for following along with our Schoolhouse Reno!

Want to see the transformation? Here’s the rest of the series:

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