Our Schoolhouse Reno: Temporary

Ready for the next installment of our Schoolhouse Reno?

If you noticed, in the last photos of my last post, the camper is nowhere to be seen. That’s because rather suddenly, in mid-September, my family decided that they were DONE living in the camper.

We were also running very close to the end of our budget, and we knew that any further renovations would be happening slowly, as we could afford it. So we moved some furniture into the house, set up a temporary kitchen, and moved back in.

Since then, we’ve been moving forward, ever so slowly. Ed has installed drywall for all four bedrooms, and the room that is functioning as my office is completely finished except for flooring and trim.

We’ll finish the other bedroom, move the girls in, and then finish the room their currently in.

Our house isn’t pretty or picture-perfect yet, but it’s warm (thank you spray foam insulation) and cozy, and really, we have everything we need.

Here’s what our house looks like these days:

And that’s it, folks! Well, at least for now. Can you believe that we accomplished all of this on evenings, weekends, and days off in less than four months?

While I wish we were finished now, I am super proud of what we’ve done so far, and I have no regrets.

Would you take on a project like this? Even if you knew you might have to move back into an unfinished house? Would it be worth it?

3 Replies to “Our Schoolhouse Reno: Temporary”

  1. This looks awesome, I cannot wait to see the completed picture of it. I know what you were able to do with your house in Florida. It looked amazing by the time you sold it.
    Keep us updated, and keep the pictures coming.
    love you all

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