How to Prep for Decluttering

How to prep for decluttering - it makes everything better!

How to prep for decluttering - it makes everything better!

Are you ready to get clutter out of your house asap? I’m there too! Despite my minimalist tendencies, it seems like there is a CONSTANT influx of stuff into our home. Nothing feels better than a good purge, but diving in head first can lead to overwhelm fast! With just a little bit of effort and prep for decluttering, you’ll find the process so much easier. I know I do.


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Gather boxes and bags for your DONATE pile.

Take my word on this. It’s so easy to dig right in, and then find yourself with a huge pile of outgoing STUFF, and no containers to get it out the door. Trash bags, cardboard boxes, old totes you don’t have lids for will all do the trick. Find more than you need… you’ll be happy you did.

Get the biggest TRASH bag or container you can find.

Anything that is broken, stained, or worn out goes immediately into the trash, never to be seen again. If your kids are like mine and immediately fall in love with any torn coloring book cover or unmatched sock on it’s way out the door, choose an opaque trash container, and bury what you can.

Another great option, if you can do it, is to put your outdoor trash bin right outside your door and actually get the stuff out of the house in one fell swoop. I highly recommend it.

Prep for (decluttering) success.

Especially if you are going to be digging in for more than an hour or two, take my advice: wear good shoes, fill up your water bottle, and eat a balanced, protein filled snack. No one needs to be making stay-or-go decisions with a foggy brain or low blood sugar. And the good shoes? Your back will thank me at the end of the day if you take my word on this one. You’re welcome.

Not required, but super helpful for a great decluttering session:

  • Do it kid free if possible. (If you can’t, this is a great time to break out the screen time, baby gates, and your last drop of patience – whatever it takes to keep them safe, healthy, happy and out from underfoot.)
  • Set the mood. Play some music, light a candle, let in some natural daylight if you can.
  • Clean as you go. Break out your favorite all purpose cleaner (here’s what I use and love, especially this scent) and do a quick swipe of shelves and surfaces as you go. It takes just a minute, but it makes the decluttering process so much better. (It really does, I promise.)

Last, but really important. Get the stuff out of the house if possible.

Take out the trash. Load your DONATION pile into your car and drop it off ASAP. It feels a million times better to do this. And even if you can’t drop it off immediately, at least it’s out of the house.

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There you have it – my best tips for how to prep for decluttering success. What do YOU do to set yourself up for success on a decluttering spree? Let me know in the comments!

How to prep for decluttering - it makes everything better!

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